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"Ultimate web solution for offshore software IT outsourcing"

DELOGICO SOLUTION is an Indian company with European promoters. DELOGICO was established in May ‐ 2007, and from then our company has been creating innovative solutions for our prestigious clients all over the world.

DELOGICO SOLUTION is a Software Service Provider company, which is providing powerful, process‐driven, high quality, cost effective solutions across industries, helping our prestigious clients in achieving evident business gains and compete successfully in an ever‐changing marketplace.

Our Vision To help the world for delivering World‐Class Solutions.

With our flexible approach, understanding of domain, comfort with the latest technical tools and, continuously improved processes; we shrink every project cycle and enable accelerated delivery of World‐Class Solutions. software-outsourcing-services We are committed to develop company‐wide diagnostics solutions that fulfill the needs of IT personnel in improving application performance.

To be a World‐Class Company ‐ We want to be known for our integrity and high moral standards. ‐ Respect the contributions of every employee, client and partner. ‐ And be an aggressive competitor in the IT marketplace.

DELOGICO's 10 Service Fundamental

1 The project must have CONTINUITY and STABILITY in the temporal dimension.

2 Client keeps the Intellectual Property Rights of the project and all associated materials and documents.

3 Adding the best of different world regions. Narrowing the distances. Minimizing the differences. Setting clear rules.

4 Elevating the quality of code. Saving time; optimizing resources; increasing agility. Control of errors. Easy communication DELOGICO-Client.

5 Selecting the best programmers. Taking care of Our Human Resources.

6 The client has a direct relation with programmer, and may incentivate him in different ways.

7 Benefit of the knowledge and experience of team of 50 skilled programmers.

8 Flexibility: find the service scenery more adapted to you.

9 Promoting Security in every field.

10 Definitively we want to gain your Confidence. And We want collaborative clients, working as partners.