From 2007 we have been focusing on the systematical work that shortens the distances and optimizes the coordination and the efforts, between the team members. In addition to a system, we provide.Normalization of the produced code, use of standards and names that help to do the simplest programming and with less errors are allowed for the team to work, or review the code in a future. At DELOGICO we are employed with a very few strict and elaborate procedures, based on the experience of others and of ours for the production of the code and for the tests and treatment.

Conceptualization & Prototyping

where the programs are directed to the clients, the implementation and maintenance in site must be done from the client. Nevertheless, Our team can easily help to solve any incidence or necessary adjustment for which the communication is extremely easy.

Research & Strategy

Delogico clients reward our mastery of product strategy with the trust to drive their vision for mobile products and services. Together we assess the market opportunity, competitive landscape, technology advances, and end-user needs to create plans that integrate the client’s mobile strategy into their overall marketing plans. Our products are appealing and engaging and deliver an effortlessly crisp user experience.

UI & Graphic Design

To obtain a good presentation with one interface is easy to understand for the user. The line of design and the graphic elements can be proposed from Clients, which is codified and integrated in India. Or else to receive some proposal from India, one can apply for the application.


Delogico offers services for all stages of the product development lifecycle, from product conceptualization to product extensions. In addition we offer services that cover a wide range of technologies and processes that are parallel to product development such as Customize software development, Product lifecycle management, Customer relationship management ,Supply chain management,Enterprise resource planning and others.

QA & Usability Testing

Our quality assurance team specializes in functional, performance, and usability testing for application software. Delogico's QA methodology allows us to test separate parts of the app long before a beta release. This helps reduce the length of the bug-fix stage and allows us to reduce the time-to-market for the new products and features while providing the highest quality end product.To assure continuity and stability of the project we suggest a full methodology for naming, documentation and following our standard procedures.

Support & Maintenance

Delogico provides its customers with a dedicated product support team comprised of domain and technology experts who can quickly respond to a customer's situation and deliver comprehensive solutions. Our service includes 24hour/7 day a week support and maintenance, Level I, II and III support, support for time-driven SLAs, troubleshooting and continuing product maintenance.

Professional Services

Delogico also provides post-development professional services. For clients that desire to have difficult projects integrated into their user environment, we provide teams that work with our customers to determine user requirements and conduct application modifications in live systems environments.

DELOGICO's 10 Service Fundamental

1 The project must have CONTINUITY and STABILITY in the temporal dimension.

2 Client keeps the Intellectual Property Rights of the project and all associated materials and documents.

3 Adding the best of different world regions. Narrowing the distances. Minimizing the differences. Setting clear rules.

4 Elevating the quality of code. Saving time; optimizing resources; increasing agility. Control of errors. Easy communication DELOGICO-Client.

5 Selecting the best programmers. Taking care of Our Human Resources.

6 The client has a direct relation with programmer, and may incentivate him in different ways.

7 Benefit of the knowledge and experience of team of 50 skilled programmers.

8 Flexibility: find the service scenery more adapted to you.

9 Promoting Security in every field.

10 Definitively we want to gain your Confidence. And We want collaborative clients, working as partners.

Development Process
  • Process control and consistency across projects
  • Powerful SQA & PMO team