We proud Delogicians

Delogico Team

DELOGICO is provided with a team of analysts and programmers, formed by persons with experience in programming for more than 8 years. Also we are provided with graphic designers in minor number as regard to the programmers, both in staff and in relation of collaboration.

The continuous training is from the DELOGICO creation as a priority bases. Considering proper facilities we are provided with an audio-visual classroom, where the formation meetings are carried out.

Strategy For Selecting Young Talent

DELOGICO does a programmer’s elegant selection, both for the technical quality and personal characteristics.

Moreover, in DELOGICO we have started a strategy that gains access of the young people with more potential and more talent and choosing between all the universities and faculties of top engineers in computer science, from the city of Ahmedabad which consists of 5 million inhabitants.

Every year more than 3000 new programmers graduate, considering all the faculties and different qualifications faced to prepare them. In this environment, we have started an initiative to contact, to know, to recruit the best qualified engineers, choose between the 8 best faculties; that is about “DELOGICO IT Club”. In parallel, we are developing another interesting initiative: Gujarat IT Student’s Corner. It is another strategy so that DELOGICO may stay in contact with the new generations of programmers of Ahmedabad. (Gujarat is the State of India where Ahmedabad resides)

Strategy for professional's selection with experience

In this case, we wait to have the concrete demand of our client. And we look on the local market for the best options.

Be a part of Delogico ...Send a Resume on info@delogico.com

DELOGICO's 10 Service Fundamental

1 The project must have CONTINUITY and STABILITY in the temporal dimension.

2 Client keeps the Intellectual Property Rights of the project and all associated materials and documents.

3 Adding the best of different world regions. Narrowing the distances. Minimizing the differences. Setting clear rules.

4 Elevating the quality of code. Saving time; optimizing resources; increasing agility. Control of errors. Easy communication DELOGICO-Client.

5 Selecting the best programmers. Taking care of Our Human Resources.

6 The client has a direct relation with programmer, and may incentivate him in different ways.

7 Benefit of the knowledge and experience of team of 50 skilled programmers.

8 Flexibility: find the service scenery more adapted to you.

9 Promoting Security in every field.

10 Definitively we want to gain your Confidence. And We want collaborative clients, working as partners.