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Delogico has a dedicated team specializing in the design and development of innovative, user friendly and visually stunning websites. More so, with proliferation of smart mobile devices, Delogico is a one-stop-shop for creating web and mobile-web applications.

Asp.Net / MVC Web Development


DELOGICO SOLUTIONS is one of the fastest growing Software Outsourcing Company in Microsoft .NET Development, Enterprise Solutions and web application development based on the .NET platform using ASP.NET as well as MVC Outsourcing and Consulting Services India.

DELOGICO provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Custom Application Development (Web and Windows based) using Microsoft .Net Framework for different customers from all over globe. We have been developing customized applications, especially of dynamic content and with interaction of the users.

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Php Web Development


DELOGICO, a leading PHP Application Development Company, offers timely, competent and affordable Outsource PHP Development Services across the globe, to our clients according to their requirement across the all around world, in order to provide Offshore PHP/MySQL Web Programming.

Open Source Web Development using PHP / MySQL is considered even a stronger option for development. We provide wide range of Custom PHP Software Development for both new and existing dynamic websites, eCommerce sites, Community Sites and Portals by using PHP, Apache and MySQL.

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e-Commerce Solutions


e-Commerce Web are an ideal way for a commercial entrepreneur to market their goods and services using the new, emerging mobile retail channel. After analyzing the emerging market trends, many companies have completely switched from traditional in-store interaction with the client to online only. Delogico has expertise in delivering e-commerce solutions that incorporate ERP, data mining and data warehousing.

We have broad and deep expertiese in both design and development capabilities and our Project Managers's can solve the most challenging e-commerce projects. 

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HTML5 Applications


Still undergoing development, and quickly becoming a new web standard, HTML5 is very likely to become the one and only standard for the web in general. HTML5 supports all the latest multimedia tools such as cross document messaging, offline storage, drag-and-drop and other key features running in the background of existing and emerging hardware technologies.

To capitalize on this, Delogico has jumped in to ride the wave of cross-platform development using the latest trends of HTML5. Our specialties are desktop and mobile, as well as Tablets 

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Mobile Web


Today web surfing on mobile devices is as common as using a desktop without sacrificing performance. Obviously, the main difference is the screen size. Delogico Web Studio offers web design as a companion service for mobile website and application development.

Our website layout design will showcase the benefits of your web application or game at its best. We optimize the UI and content of your website or web service for comfortable viewing across all major mobile devices with touch-screens. 

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Content Management Systems


To remain a leader within the competitive arena and to perform better than the competition, it is mandatory to offer enhanced services to our clients. Delogico’s strong technical background enables us to deliver innovative CMS’s with exceptionally strong foundations. To manage, store and deploy Web page content, create innovative and outstanding CMS with all custom fields, an easy-to-use jQuery-inspired API, and a powerful selector engine, we use the following platforms and technologies: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, MODx. To manage, store and deploy Web page content, create innovative and outstanding CMS with all custom fields, and easy-to-use jQuery-inspired API, and a powerful selector engine, we use the following platforms and technologies: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, MODx. 

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Social Networks


Social networks allow us to cross all borders and enable individuals to interact within circles of friends, groups and industries. Businesses and governments have begun to implement social networking models in their business strategies as a powerful means of communication.

We at Delogico develop social networking strategies and provide solutions for enterprises that directly help our clients build their brand, ease business-to-business collaboration and interact directly with consumers. 

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